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"The Sleepod has been a complete lifesaver after my cesarian birth, our Moses basket was too high for me to reach so this has been perfect. I can see my baby and keep her close in bed without worrying about our mattress being too soft."
Sophia Assa, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much, we got the Sleepod, & we absolutely LOVE it! Have been using it lots, it's definitely a must-have."
— Shana Cupo, Estero, FL

"We take the Sleepod to Bible study with us so we have the option of putting him down there. This past week, a friend’s one-year-old ended up borrowing it. He slept so well, his mom immediately wanted to know where I’d gotten it! We also traveled to San Jose using the Sleepod as a travel cot and loved it for that trip! It can fold up and fits inside the fabric bag that comes with, so it’s a breeze to transport."
Abigail Larsen, North Hollywood, CA

"Can’t wait for my little boy to use his Sleepod. It feels absolutely amazing and I love that you can adjust size to make it snug and let it grow with baby."
Erin Wilkins, El Dorado Hills, CA

"I think it's safe to say that Tristan LOVES his new Sleepod! Ha! I've caught big sister snuggled up in it too!"
Jamie Wuistinger, Flower Mound, TX

"The Sleepod enveloped my baby like a cozy cocoon and I was able to get things done as my baby slept peacefully."
Rena S, New York, NY

"LOVE LOVE LOVE our sleep pod! Our daughter has used it from the day she got home from the hospital and every day since!"
Nicki Sloan, CA

"I love this little Sleepod and so does our daughter. We spend a lot of time on the couch and this makes sure she doesn't roll off anywhere she shouldn't and also provides a small barrier from big bro who just wants to share EVERYTHING with his little sis."
Haley Bergsgaard, Boulder, CO

"It’s beautiful in its simplicity — it quietly blends into your everyday life and offers a secure and cozy spot for your babe to rest. It fits perfectly in a Moses basket, on the couch or in a bed and has been an absolute favorite of mine."
Mary R New York NY