Our ambition is to make the best baby essentials possible. To us that means thoughtfully designed everyday items that are functional, eco friendly, and 100% free from harmful toxins.
Gentle on babies—kind to our planet.

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Easy to use and lightweight, the versatile design is likely to make the Sleepod your go-to item for months to come. Whether it is for co-sleeping, baby lounging, day time napping, supervised tummy time, as a travel cot or the perfect supportive backrest for marathon feedings.  

Our Sleepods are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We use the best organic, natural materials to create a safe, hypoallergenic, and soothing environment for babies and their parents.

The Askr & Embla Sleepod is an in-bed baby-sleeper made to give babies and their parents a good nights' sleep, night after night.